DCYC NFTs are HERE! First NFT Reveal — Annika Sweet Punch

Drumroll Please!

With the game mechanics completed and smart contracts being built, the time has come to give you all a glimpse of a DCYourChickens NFT. Introducing: “Annika Sweet Punch”!!! She is one of the Epic Chickens and has a mining power of 2.27. All chickens will mine $EGG tokens which will have various use cases upon launch of the game. From leveling up your NFT, thus increasing its mining power, to minting more chickens & foxes or, land which has added utility in phases 2 and 3.

“From the initial sketches to the final artworks and NFTs everything is hand-painted on Photoshop and originally designed and created for the DCYC game and future IP developments. I hope you like the art for the project and please welcome Anneke Sweet Punch to the DCYC Fam”

Metabaron OG aka Golden Chicken — DCYC Art Director



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