Get Ready! The DCYC Premium Pass Sale is Here!

🚨 Get ready chickens and foxes as the first DCYC Premium Pass sale comes to NeftyBlocks THIS week!

▶️ When: This Thursday, April 14 at 17:00 UTC. ⏰

▶️ How many passes are for sale: 120 Premium Passes, of which 20 are Gold, 40 are Silver, and 60 are Bronze.

▶️ What are these passes for: Holding a premium pass grants you access to all DCYC Genesis 0 Packs (the ONLY Packs we plan to sell).

That’s right, all other packs like Genesis 1 and Land Packs will be available ONLY to be minted with the $EGG Token (the in-game token). In this way, $EGG tokens are always in high demand and being burned with each new pack minted by new and loyal players alike.

As long as you hold a DCYC Premium Pass, Bronze grants you 1 pack with every Genesis 0 sale, Silver will get you 2 packs, and Gold will get you 3 packs!

💰 What are Genesis 0 packs and why are they so important?

Genesis 0 packs are very special. Why? Because they have a better chance of minting a fox than Genesis 1 packs.

And foxes, my friend, are very valuable in the DCYC universe because they have a much higher ROI compared to chickens AND also give you a chance to steal NFTs from its minter. Isn’t that crazy!?

But check this out: Genesis 0 chickens and foxes also receive a tax from Genesis 1 NFTs $EGG earnings: 20% tax goes to Gen 0 foxes and 5% goes to Gen 0 chickens!

So if you like the word passive $EGGrnings, getting a Premium Pass in the upcoming sale is the KEY to get your hands on these valuable and very limited Genesis 0 Packs!

🎫 How can you access the sale?

The link to the sale will be announced via the DCYourChickens Discord and Twitter on the same day of the sale (links to the DCYC Discord and Twitter below).

Important: ONLY people on the whitelist will have access to the Premium Pass sale. You STILL can get whitelisted, so find out how to get whitelisted now before it’s too late here or in our Discord!

Prices will be announced 24 hours before the drop.

▶️ Put this date (Thursday the 14th at 17:00 UTC) on your calendar now because you definitely do not want to miss this!

Join our social media and ask us any questions you have about the sale or the project on Discord.

Check out the WhitePaper here for more information about the game mechanics, project roadmap and development.

- DCYC Team 🐔




NFT Play2Earn Game on the WAX Blockchain

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NFT Play2Earn Game on the WAX Blockchain

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