The Whitelisting

Some of you may think that having a role grants you a spot on the whitelist for the upcoming Premium Pass Sale, which will be VERY limited and KEY to buying GENESIS 0 Packs (the only packs we plan to sell for the upcoming DCYC P2E game).

Roles DO will give you a better chance at giveaways AND extra points to get on the whitelist, but you will not get on the whitelist JUST because you have a role.

To get on the whitelist you need to do as many things as stated in the #whitelist-info discord channel as you can. For each of these things you will get points and the DCYC team will manually select those who qualify for the final whitelist.

Why we decided to go this route? Because each of these actions from the whitelist criteria helps the project get noticed by new people (which is good!) AND we can assess who from the community REALLY is committed to the project and actually wants to play the game and stay with us long term, not just flip a few nfts for a quick profit.

We want real chickens and foxes here AND those are the only ones who will profit from WL spots.

Check out #whitelist-info now to find out how to get whitelisted and together lets become the biggest community in the Wax P2E space!



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Innovative NFT Play2Earn Game on the WAX Blockchain where you can steal other players NFTs, the withdrawal fees go back to the players and much more!