Whitelist Criteria for Pass Sale

Calling all chickens and foxes!!!!

The whitelisting criteria for the upcoming premium pass sale is as follows, and works on a points based system:

(1) Create original emojis, memes and/or fan art related to DCYC and post to the fan art and memes page,

(2) Shill the project on twitter or your preferred social platform and tag @dcyourchickens, more platforms means more points,

(3) Become a chicken or a fox: use any of our logos as your Discord avatar (chicken or fox logo image provided in sneak peeks channel) and adapt your Discord name to something related to the chicken or fox theme or add DCYourChickens in your username,

(4) Roles get extra points, the higher the better (only common/uncommon left in the shop),

(5) Invite people to the Discord, the more people (not bots) you invite the more points.

You will earn extra points if you are seen:

(1) Shilling the project in other Discords (post screenshot to the Proof of Shill channel in DCYourChickens’ Discord),

(2) To have read the whitepaper and talk about it with others in the general chat,

(3) Being helpful to newcomers and people with questions that you might help.



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